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  • Happy Holi!

    Worried about flare ups, irritation and allergies this Holi? We got you covered! A quick read about how you can love yourself and give your body care it deserves this Holi!
  • Pesky Preservatives

    What good are preservatives? Do we really need them in our skincare? Are the preservatives that you use non toxic? Read on to find out!
  • Shampoo Bars: Worried if they’re right for you?

    Everything you need to know about natural handcrafted shampoo bars and why you should switch to them.
  • Why Switch To Natural Skincare?

    Switching to Natural Skincare. Why should we do it? What is Natural Skincare? Is it effective?
  • Everything About Soaps

    What is soap? What is Cold Process soap making and how is it different from the soaps that I currently use?